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The development direction of wire surface treatment

With the development of global economy, environmental protection and technology, wire surface treatment has also appeared in various development directions. With the increasing environmental protection requirements of various countries, acid-free treatment methods such as shot blasting and mechanical peeling have emerged one after another. However, the surface quality of the wire processed by these methods is still not as good as the effect that can be achieved by traditional pickling, and there are always various defects . Therefore, it has become an urgent need to not only achieve the surface quality of traditional pickling, but also low emissions and high efficiency. With the advancement of technology, automated pickling surface treatment equipment came into being.

The advantages and development trend of automated pickling treatment

Automated pickling surface treatment equipment has advantages that traditional pickling methods and other acid-free treatment methods can’t compare:

Good surface quality—— the medium used is still acid, so the surface quality still retains the advantages of traditional pickling;

Automatic production—— continuous automatic production, high production efficiency, large output, various process parameters are controlled by a computer, production has been automatically. The process is stable, especially suitable for large-volume, centralized production;

Low production cost—— automatic control of process parameters, the production process can be optimized, with reasonable and effective production media circulation. Ring utilization, while automated production can effectively reduce personnel costs. These factors make the automated pickling equipment. The operating cost of equipment is much lower than that of traditional pickling;

Low environmental pollution—— the automated pickling equipment can be equipped with advanced waste water and waste gas treatment devices, combined with the characteristics of its own equipment,Achieve relatively low emissions and minimal pollution to the plant and its surroundings. Especially for acid mist treatment and water treatment. On the other hand, if equipped with suitable acid regeneration and wastewater treatment equipment, zero emissions can even be achieved.

With the advancement of technology, automated pickling equipment will gradually realize seamless connection with logistics tracking, MES, ERP and other systems. With industry 4.0, machine vision, cloud big data and other technologies, can achieve a higher degree of intensive, automated, and multi-variety production, bringing huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

Equipment selection:

The difference between various types of pickling lines:

circle type—— suitable for high and low carbon wire rod materials with similar process requirements, with high efficiency, large output and good fault tolerance;

U-type—— suitable for high and low carbon wire rods and stainless steel wire rods with different varieties and processing requirements, with large output;

straight type—— suitable for manufacturers with compact plant structure and low output requirements. There is no limit to the variety of wire rods.


1. Use a new generation of manipulators

Pickling line

★Customized lifting device, with protection level specially designed for pickling environment;

★Multi-motor synchronous logic operation, high redundancy design, high reliability and fault tolerance;

★For the circle type pickling line, the unique steering structure is adopted, and the turning radius is as low as 3 meters, which saves valuable plant resources; the manipulator does not directly contact the steel structure track, and there is no need to consider the steel structure wear;

★For the circle type pickling line, the unique steering structure is adopted, and the turning radius is as low as 3 meters, which saves valuable plant resources; the manipulator does not directly contact the steel structure track, and there is no need to consider the steel structure wear;

★The guide wheel structure of various structures is used, and the manipulator runs smoothly and smoothly whether up and down or back and forth, with extremely low noise.

2 .Compact layout, factory production, high-strength bolt connection

★ The maintenance station is placed inside the production line and does not occupy external space;

★ Easy to maintain and save plant investment;

★ High-strength bolt connection, without welding, completely eliminates the influence of stress, and is more secure and safe;

★ The equipment is beautiful, easy to install, and short in construction period.

3.Patented acid tank

★ The auxiliary tank is used for heating, and there are no heating elements and heating coils in the main process tank;

★ Long maintenance period of acid tank;

★ Dynamic pickling with high turbulence, high pickling efficiency;Patented acid tank

★ The pickling sediment is automatically filtered outside the tank, and the residue is removed online to increase the acid life cycle;

★ Automatic reverse acid overflow, increase the acid life cycle and save acid consumption;

★ The acid tank cover with automatic switch can be equipped to reduce the acid mist produced by acid washing by 50%, reduce the operating load of the acid mist absorption tower, and reduce the use of neutralizing lye;

★ Lower emissions;

★ Reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.

4.Efficient water recycling technology

★ Synchronous countercurrent water circulation technology;

★ Rinse the inner and outer surfaces of the wire rod at the same time, the cleaning effect is good;

★ Water consumption is as low as 40Kg/ton;

★ Lower emissions;

★ Reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.




5.Low acid mist emission

★ Design of double towers in series; step countercurrent water circulation technology;

★Using new type of packing, the acid mist emission can reach 10mg/m³;

★ With acid regeneration equipment, zero discharge of acid mist can be realized.

6 .Advanced control system and reliable program design

★ Multiple positioning, with software algorithm to prevent collision accidents;

★ High positioning accuracy, positioning error <5mm;

★ Flexible process control, one-key re-washing function;

★ Advanced multi-point roaming WIFI control, stable online control signal;

★ Internet of things interface, cloud platform control, mobile phones and tablets can be remote online.

7.Scalable design

★ Simply increase the number of manipulators to increase productivity;

★ Adding two more manipulators can easily expand the production capacity to 250,000 tons/year, saving investment.

Note: The output size is determined by the number of process tanks and the number of robots.

8.Strict quality management and manufacturing

★ All steel structures and manipulators are tested for flaw detection.;

★ All tanks are tested for water injection for 24 to 48 hours;

★ All electric control cabinets and power distribution cabinets are in compliance with 3C certification;

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