- Wire rod pickling &phosphating before

Many metal products’ pickling phosphating is generally done by immersion, and there are many ways to use the pickling and phosphating of wire rod:


Set up several tanks on the ground, and the operator puts the workpiece into the corresponding tanks through the electric hoist. Put hydrochloric acid, phosphating solution and other production media into the tank, and soak the workpiece at a certain temperature and time to achieve the purpose of pickling and phosphating the workpiece.

This manual operation method has the following disadvantages:

Open pickling, a large amount of acid mist produced by pickling is directly discharged into the workshop, corroding buildings and equipment;

Acid mist seriously affects the health of operators;

The process parameters of pickling and phosphating are completely controlled by the operator, which is random and affects the stability of the product;

Manual operation, low efficiency;

Seriously pollute the surrounding environment.

Features of the new wire rod pickling and phosphating production line

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Fully enclosed production-

The production process is carried out in a closed tank, which is isolated from the outside world;

The generated acid mist is extracted by the acid mist tower for purification treatment;

Greatly reduce the pollution to the environment;

Isolate the impact of the production process on the health of operators;

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Automatic operation-

Can choose fully automatic operation, continuous production;

High production efficiency and large output, especially suitable for large output and centralized production;

The process parameters are automatically controlled by computer, and the production process is stable;

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Significant economic benefits-

Automatic control, stable process, large output, outstanding cost-effectiveness;

Fewer operators and low labor intensity;

The equipment has good stability, few wearing parts, and extremely low maintenance;

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the pickling workshop project, we have divided the work into 5 stages:

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Technology & Support

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After Sales Service and Support


1. Clear requirements.

2. Feasibility study.

3. Clarify the overall project concept, including schedule, delivery plan, economics and layout.


1. Basic engineering design, including general layout and complete foundation layout.

2. Detailed engineering design, including complete factory layout.

3. Project planning, supervision, installation, final acceptance and trial operation.

Technology & Support

1. Mature and advanced electronic control technology.

2. The technical support team of T-Control understands the whole process of the pickling plant, and they will provide you with engineering design, supervision and support.


1. Initial assistance and production support.

2. Trial operation.

3. Training.

After Sales Service and Support

1. 24 hours response hotline.

2. Access to market-leading services and technologies to continuously optimize the competitiveness of your pickling plant.

3. After-sales support, including remote monitoring and troubleshooting.