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Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technology Co. Ltd. is an enterprise integrating the design, production,installation and commissioning of non-standard equipment, mainly including fully automatic wire rod pickling lines (straight / tunnel / U type) and various non-standard power distribution cabinets and control cabinets. At present, the maximum annual processing capacity of our fully automatic tunnel wire rod pickling line can reach 400,000 tons.

WHY CHOOSE OUR pretreatment line

The pretreatment line system completely breaks through the traditional pretreatment process, adopts a circular, closed, and program-controlled type. In addition, it also considers an online environmental protection program to realize a continuous automatic operation mode, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and improves the production environment.
We provide various energy selection to our pretreatment line. If you have abundant resources in terms of energy resources like heat transfer oil and natural gas, etc. It can save plenty of electricity bills. We can offer heat pump solution services to convert energy.


  • Fully enclosed production
  • Large output
  • Significant economic benefit
  • Acid mist purification tower


Pickling & phosphating line circle type


  • Automatic operation
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental protection
  • Low price


Pickling & phosphating line straight type


  • Heat and wear resistance
  • Precise control
  • Efficient heating
  • Safe and reliable


Galvanizing furnace


We can provide customers with distributed control systems, intelligent equipment management systems, combustible gas and toxic gas detection systems, manufacturing execution systems (MES), etc. We can also integrate DCS system with various intelligent instruments and control devices. The tide of economic globalization has given us a vast space for development. We will seize the day and never lose the time to successfully accomplish our mission, and return society with better products and services.



Based on years of experience in the metallurgical industry, we have developed a fully automatic closed tunnel wire surface treatment production line. The maximum annual processing capacity can reach 300,000 tons. Its excellent performance and reasonable price have attracted customers from China and Southeast Asia.


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