• What is the function of a drying box?

    A drying box is a specialized container designed to remove moisture from the surrounding environment, thereby creating a dry internal environment. The function of a drying box is to regulate the humidity levels within its immediate surroundings, protecting its contents f...
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  • MANUAL LINE RETROFIT: New Solution Streamlines Manufacturing

    A groundbreaking new development in industrial automation has been announced, with the unveiling of a new MANUAL LINE AUTOMATION RETROFIT solution. This innovative technology breakthrough is set to revolutionize manufacturing processes by providing a cost-effective and e...
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  • How to optimize storage handling work effectively?

    Material/finished product handling is an auxiliary link in the production process, which exists in the warehouse, between the warehouse and the production department, and in all aspects of shipping. Handling has a great impact on the production efficiency of enterprises,...
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  • Pickling Phosphating Treatment

    What is pickling phosphating It is a process for metal surface treatment, pickling is the use of a concentration of acid to clean the metal to remove surface rust. Phosphating is to soak the acid-washed metal with phosphating solution to form an oxide film on the surfac...
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  • Electroplating surface treatment means

    Electroplating is a method in which metal is precipitated from the electrolyte by the action of an applied current and deposited on the surface of the object to obtain a metal covering layer. Galvanized: Zinc is easily corroded in acids, alkalis, and sulfides. The zinc layer is generally passivat...
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  • The function and purpose of the main links of electroplating pretreatment

    The function and purpose of the main links of electroplating pretreatment

    ① Degreasing 1. Function: Remove fatty oil stains and other organic dirt on the surface of the material to obtain a good electroplating effect and prevent pollution to subsequent processes. 2. Temperature control range: 40~60℃ 3. Mechanism of action: With the aid of ...
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  • Introduction to common electroplating species: electroplating process of typical general products

    1. Plastic electroplating There are many types of plastics for plastic parts, but not all plastics can be electroplated. Some plastics and metal coatings have poor bonding strength and have no practical value; some physical properties of plastics and metal coatings, su...
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  • Keeping the Innovation, Following the Trend

    Keeping the Innovation, Following the Trend

    On March 14, 2023, Wuxi T-control participated in the fifth council meeting of the Welded Pipe Branch of China Metal Materials Circulation Association. The meeting invited dozens of welded pipe enterprise representatives and industry experts from all over China to attend...
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  • Hydrochloric acid pickling process control

    For the control of the hydrochloric acid washing tank, the most important thing is to control the pickling time and the life of the pickling tank, so as to ensure the maximum productivity and service life of the pickling tank. To obtain the best pickling effect, the conc...
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  • Definition and advantages of pickling plates

    Definition and advantages of pickling plates

    Pickling plate pickling plate is an intermediate product with high-quality hot-rolled sheet as raw material, after removing oxide layer,edge trimming and finishing by pickling unit, the surface quality and usage requirements are between those of hot-rolled sheet and col...
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  • Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled & Pickled

    Hot rolling Hot rolling is relative to cold rolling, which is rolling below the recrystallisation temperature, while hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallisation temperature. Advantages: Can destroy the casting of steel ingots, refining the grain of steel, and eli...
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  • Difference between electric galvanized and hot galvanized

    Difference between electric galvanized and hot galvanized

    Electric galvanized: Steel is easy to rust in the air, water or soil, or even completely damaged. The annual steel loss due to corrosion accounts for about 1/10 of the entire steel output. In addition, in order to give the surface of steel products and parts a special ...
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