Definition and advantages of pickling plates

Pickling plate

pickling plate is an intermediate product with high-quality hot-rolled sheet as raw material, after removing oxide layeredge trimming and finishing by pickling unit, the surface quality and usage requirements are between those of hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet. It is an ideal substitute for some hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets.

Compared with hot-rolled sheets, the advantages of pickled sheets are mainly

(1) Good surface quality, as the hot-rolled pickling plate removes the surface iron oxide, improving the surface quality of the steel

The surface quality of the steel can be easily welded, oiled and painted.

2) High dimensional accuracy. After levelling, the plate shape can be changed to a certain extent, thus reducing the deviation of unevenness.

3) Improved surface finish and enhanced appearance.

It can reduce the environmental pollution caused by the user's dispersion pickling. Compared with cold-rolled plate, the advantage of pickling plate is to ensure the surface quality use requirements, so that users effectively reduce procurement costs. At present, many companies are putting forward increasingly high requirements for high performance and low cost of steel. With the continuous progress of steel rolling technology, the performance of hot-rolled sheet is approaching that of cold-rolled sheet, so that "hot instead of cold" can be achieved technically. It can be said that the pickling plate is between the cold-rolled plate and the hot-rolled plate between the performance of a relatively high price ratio of a product, has a good market development prospects.

Pickling plate market is mainly reflected in the following four aspects: alternative to cold-rolled, alternative to hot-rolled, alternative to imports and alternative to small pickling. Among them, alternative imports and small pickling is actually an existing market, the market is limited and not possible to completely replace. With the rapid development of automotive, machinery, light industry and other industries, enterprises are facing huge pressure brought by this market competition, the cost of products and product quality requirements are increasing, pickling plate with its high cost performance completely replace part of the cold plate and hot plate, will gradually be recognized by the user.

 The main processes of hot rolled pickled sheet include laser welding, bit stretch straightening, turbulent pickling, in-line levelling, edge cutting and in-line oiling. The products include low, medium and high strength grades of stamping steel, automotive structural steel, etc. and are mainly delivered in coils. The process features the removal of iron oxide from hot rolled steel sheets with hydrochloric acid to obtain a nice, smooth surface.

Product features:

1.Cost reduction, using pickling plate instead of cold rolled plate can save cost for enterprises.

2.Good surface quality, compared with ordinary hot-rolled plate, hot-rolled pickling plate removes iron oxide from the surface, which improves the surface quality of steel and facilitates welding, oiling and painting.

3.High dimensional accuracy, after levelling, the plate shape can be changed to a certain extent, thus reducing the deviation of unevenness.

4.Improves the surface finish and enhances the appearance effect.


Main uses

1.The main uses of hot rolled pickling in the automotive industry are as follows: automotive chassis systems, including beams, sub beams, etc. Wheels, including rims, wheel radiation, etc. Cabin interior panels. Cabin panels, mainly the bottom panels of various trucks. Other stamping parts, including anti-collision bumpers, brake interlock sets and some other small internal parts of the car.

2.Machinery industry (excluding automobiles) mainly includes textile machinery, mining machinery, fans and some general machinery.

3.Light industry and household appliances, mainly used for manufacturing compressor shells, brackets, water heater liners, etc. Chemical oil drums.

4.Other bicycle parts, various welded tubes, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves, fences, iron ladders and various shapes of stamped parts.

pickling plate is a developing steel species, the current market demand is mainly concentrated in the automotive industry, compressor industry, machinery manufacturing industry, spare parts processing industry, fan industry, motorbike industry, steel furniture, hardware accessories, electric cabinet shelves and various shapes of stamping parts, etc. With technological progress, hot-rolled pickling plate has now been involved in home appliances, containers, electrical control cabinets and other industries, which use hot-rolled pickling plate instead of cold plate in some industries is developing rapidly.

1.Automotive industry

Hot-rolled pickled oiled plate is a new steel needed for the automotive industry, its better surface quality, thickness tolerance, processing performance, can replace the body coverings and the previous production of automotive parts with cold-rolled plate, which reduces the cost of raw materials . With the development of the economy, the production of automobiles has also increased significantly, the use of plates has been increasing, many models of domestic automotive industry parts original design requirements for the use of hot-rolled pickling plate, such as: car subframe, wheel spokes, front and rear axle assembly, truck box plate, protective net, car beams and spare parts, etc.