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Wuxi T-Control Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development of industrial automation software control system and the design, installation and commissioning of non-standard equipment. The equipment mainly includes fully automatic tunnel type (linear type) wire rod pickling line and various non-standard power and control cabinets. At present, the fully automatic tunnel-type wire rod pickling line developed by our company has a maximum annual processing capacity of 400,000 tons, which is at the leading level in the industry.


Main technology:
1. The fully automatic tunnel-type wire rod pickling and phosphating production line adopts the design of the software and hardware structural framework of the industrial production control system. It can coordinate and dispatch various equipment through the new generation of industrial WIFI system wireless Ethernet, through the PLC control system and the central control computer. It realizes the intelligent control and monitoring of the production line, reduces personnel operations, and improves the working environment.
2. In the automatic tunnel pickling and phosphating line equipment, after the wire rod is neutralized or saponified, it needs to enter the drying box to remove the surface moisture of the wire rod to prevent rust. The rapid dehumidification drying furnace can achieve rapid drying and complete moisture removal, which can realize energy recovery and reduce production costs.
3. The pickling tank of the fully automatic tunnel-type wire rod pickling and phosphating production line is used. Due to the existence of the acid pouring pipe and the use of the corresponding stop valve, each acid tank can be connected to each other and pour acid with each other; all outer tanks are also All can be interconnected, which greatly facilitates the actual use of customers; it has the advantages of low loss, low cost, and can reduce the number of shutdowns and cleaning, which is convenient for fully automated operation.
4. The on-line phosphating slag continuous treatment system is adopted, which can continuously and automatically remove slag. The slag removal process has no effect on phosphating. The phosphating slag is not easy to accumulate on the inner wall of the tank and the surface of the heating coil. The production continuity is good and easy to clean. The phosphating solution is used continuously and repeatedly, so that the phosphating solution can be used to the greatest extent.
5. A new type of manipulator walking mechanism and track is adopted, and the walking direction is ensured by the guide wheel. The traveling device and the manipulator are connected by bearings, both of which are independently steered, and can realize turning and changing direction at a small radius. The smooth walking module is used to replace the conventional gear. The wear on the track is greatly reduced, and the walking noise is low.
6. The production line adopts a split tunnel to seal the cleaning tank, and cooperates with two groups of parallel-operated manipulators to automatically operate the automatic pickling method of the steel pipe group, which can realize the automation of cleaning and the recycling of water resources.

Post time: Jan-17-2023