Acid mist tunnel + treatment tower

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For the absorption of large quantities of acid mist generated during the reaction process in the pickling of wire, or for the design of customer designs for large quantities of acid mist generated by different materials in pickling applications.

The acid mist treatment tower is based on the number of acid slots and the internal volume of the full -seal tunnel. Generally, the components are composed of tower body, water tank, pump pump, glass fiber reinforcement fan, pH detection system, alkaline liquid automatic liquid addition system, chimney and acid mist pipeline. In conjunction with the full -seal tunnel to achieve the effects of negative pressure in the tunnel and the effect of acid mist treatment and recycling acid liquid. According to customer needs, customization can be customized.

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Acid treatment tower

★ Material: PPH material
★ Dissolving or winding process


★ Tower body, water tank, water pump, anti-corrosion fan (1 for use and 1 for backup)
★ Connecting pipe, PH meter, differential pressure transmitter


★ The acid mist fan with large air volume can completely exhaust the acid mist in the tunnel through the acid mist pipeline;
★ The acid mist fan can also ensure the negative pressure in the tunnel;
★ Tunnel negative pressure detection;
★ Frequency conversion speed regulation, adjust the air volume according to the production load;
★ Completely eliminate acid mist spillage;
★ Automatically check the pressure difference before and after the acid mist tower, if there is a blockage, it can be warned in advance;
★ One fan for backup and one for use to ensure smooth production;
★ Twin towers are configured in series to ensure emission compliance.

Acid mist tunnel


★ Material: PP material.
★ Structure: main pipe, branch pipe, manual valve.
★ Performance: Installed on the side of the production line, the acid mist fan extracts the acid mist from the tunnel through this pipe and Maintains a negative pressure inside the tunnel.

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