Fully enclosed pickling tunnel

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The top of the tunnel is equipped with vertical sealing strips. The sealing strip uses a 5MMPP soft board. The soft material has certain elasticity and has strong corrosion resistance. The tunnel structure is supported by steel cable connection and PP tendons. The top of the tunnel is equipped with anti -corruption lighting, and a transparent observation window is equipped on both sides. The operation of the acid mist tower fan causes negative pressure in the tunnel. The acid mist generated by the pickling is limited to the tunnel. The acid mist will not be able to get out of the tunnel, so that there is no acid mist in the production workshop, protecting the equipment and building structure. Nowadays, the tunnel sealing effect of most equipment manufacturers is not ideal. In response to this situation, the sealing tunnel can be transformed alone, but the acid mist treatment tower is needed at the same time.

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★ Tunnel - steel cable connection support and PP reinforced panels.
★ Automatic doors - steel support with support elements laid in FRP.


★ Automatic control of the isolation doors inside the tunnel.
★ The operation of the acid mist tower fan creates a negative pressure inside the tunnel, the acid mist produced by the acid washing is confined inside the tunnel and it will be impossible for the acid mist to escape from the tunnel.
★ The production workshop is free of acid mist, protecting the equipment and the building structure.


★ Top with anti-corrosion lighting;
★ Negative pressure control.


★ Top of tunnel with longitudinal sealing strip (PP flexible sheet);
★ The tunnel is separated into several process zones by means of automatic doors that rise and fall.
★ External side of the tunnel with acid mist outlet, connected to the acid mist tower duct;
★ Observation window on the side of the tunnel at the operating surface.

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