High pressure flushing mechanism

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The internal and external flushing device of the high-pressure flushing mechanism uses a suspended mobile flushing vehicle as the running carrier of the internal and external flushing pipes, equipped with 4 0.37kw geared motors with brakes, the model is BLD0-35-0.37. The internal and external flushing pipes use 316L stainless steel pipes and are equipped with narrow-angle nozzles, which have achieved the cleaning effect. The flushing motor uses a vertical pipeline pump with a pump power of 37kw. The high-pressure flushing pipe adopts composite hose, which can withstand pressure up to 2MPa and is durable. Compared with traditional flushing, the flushing time is short, and the flushing pressure is high and uniform, which is beneficial to the phosphating coating of the subsequent phosphating process. The high-pressure flushing mechanism can be retrofitted separately.

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Tips: Pickling after rinsing process in the entire pickling phosphating process is crucial, directly affecting the subsequent phosphate treatment; poor rinsing will cause the use of phosphating solution cycle becomes shorter, residual acid into the phosphating solution, phosphating solution is easy to blacken, the use of cycle significantly shortened; incomplete rinsing will also cause poor phosphating quality, red or yellow surface, short preservation time, poor drawing performance.High-pressure flushing tank


High-pressure flushing tank

25mm thick PP material, square tubes etc.
★ The main material of the groove wall is made of PP board.
★ The carbon steel frame is braced and the surface of the frame is covered with PP sheet.
★ Guide positioning structure installed on the top of the transverse sides of the trough.
★ Beveled bottom.
★ Tank body, various pipe and valve fittings; drainage line.
★ Flushing mechanism, coiled bar turning mechanism.
★ Corrosion-resistant high-pressure flushing pump, pressure 0.8 MPa.
★ Corrosion-resistant pressure-resistant flexible pipes.
★ Anti-corrosion flushing tank drainage pumps.
★ Flushing basin level sensors, spreader induction sensors.
★ High pressure internal and external cleaning.
 Coil rotation for dead-end cleaning.
★ Flushing sink level display and control.

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