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The loading and unloading trolley is driven and controlled by a frequency converter, with precise double positioning. The lifting mechanism is hydraulically controlled, and the lifting weight can reach 6t. The car body is made of welded profiles and plates, and the surface is covered with PP plates, which not only anti-corrosion but also improves the service life of the frame finishing. For equipment manufacturers that rely on forklifts or trucks for loading and unloading, it can improve logistics efficiency and reduce labor costs, and can be individually modified.

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Material: carbon steel.
Construction: Section steel and steel plate, V-bearing structure, PP sheet laid on the contact surface between the coils and the loading carriage.
Configuration: Travelling system
Braking system
Positioning sensors
Material detection sensors
PLC control system.
★ Control using frequency converter drives.
★ Precise double positioning.
★ Adaptation to different sizes of coils.
★ Lifting and rotation possible.
★ Slow running when entering the working area, slow and steady walking, braking to stop when reaching the working area, ensuring a smooth stop.

Operation of loading trolley :

★ The operator places the coils to be processed on the loading flatbed truck, which advances to the loading station below the track.

★ The manipulator on the track runs forward and the hook is inserted into the middle part of the coil.

★ The hook is lifted and the coils rise with the hook to the running height.

★ The loading trolley returns to its initial position and loading is completed.


Operation of unloading trolley :

★ Manipulator running to the top of the lowering station.

★ The lowering flat carriage runs to the lowering station.

The hook drives the pan bar down onto the lowering carriage.

Backing up of the manipulator, which rises to operating height after the hook has disengaged the pan bar.

The unloading trolley runs to the unloading point.

★ The operator unloads the coils from the unloading trolley and the unloading is completed.

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