Photospating and slag removal equipment

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In the formation of metal surface treatment of phosphate skin film process, will produce a large number of phosphate slag, such as the timely removal of these suspended in the liquid fine slag particles, it will affect the stability and cleanliness of the tank liquid, directly affecting the product qualification rate. Therefore, it is necessary to configure automatic phosphating slag removal machine in the production line.

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★ The filter area of the automatic phosphating slag remover can reach 4 square meters
★ Air pressurized dehydration method is pollution-free
★ Sludge compression: cake-like, semi-granular compressible thickness of 2-3cm
★ The powder compressible thickness is 1-1.5cm, and the phosphating slag is recommended to be adjusted to 8mm
★ Different precision filter paper can be selected to meet the appropriate filtering requirements
★ Different temperature-resistant filter papers can be selected to meet the fluid temperature requirements, up to 90°C(please specify when ordering over 70°C)
★ Compact shape, less restrictions on installation site
★ Appropriate flow components can be selected according to the acidity and alkalinity of different fluids


★ Fully automatic intermittent operation without manual operation
★ Large-area filtration system, automatic slag removal
★ The phosphating clear liquid is automatically returned to the phosphating tank, no need to add another phosphating clear liquid tank
★ The heat loss of phosphating solution is small in the process of circulating filtration, which is beneficial to reduce energy consumption
★ Reliable operation, small footprint, low noise and low energy consumption
★ Simple operation, low operating cost and convenient maintenance


★ A3 steel
★ A3 steel + anti-corrosion
★ SUS304 (standard)
★ SUS316


Sludge (slag) filtration, filter residue dewatering and scraping. It is used for the phosphating slag produced by the phosphating film treatment on the metal surface to effectively and continuously remove the slag in the phosphating solution, which can greatly improve the product quality, prolong the liquid exchange period, reduce the treatment cost, and reduce the burden of subsequent sewage treatment.

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