Pickling & phosphating line circle type

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Based on years of experience in the metallurgical industry, we have developed a Automatic closed tunnel wire surface treatment production line. It’s maximum production capacity can reach 400,000 tons/year. Its excellent performance and reasonable price has attracted wire rope customers from China and southeast Asia.

In addition, we also have U type pickling line or straight type pickling line to choose.

Product Detail

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Appropriate Types

Suitable for high and low carbon wire rod materials with similar process requirements, with high efficiency, large output and good fault tolerance

Intelligent Upgrade

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★ Automatic system and robotic upgrade of infeeding and outfeeding materials
★  Measuring systems and barcode recognition for wire, tube and sheet
★ Anti-sway systems for wire and tube handling
★ Vibrating and turning systems for wire immersion
★ High-pressure spray washing system, efficient water recycling
★ Wire drying systems
★ Waste discharge system, tunnel confinement modification
★ Remote monitoring and maintenance system
★ Automatic agent addition system
★  Industry 4.0 production intelligence system
★ Phosphate de-slagging system
★  Automatic pickling line for upgrading tubes

Process configuration

Material: high and low carbon steel wire rod

Process: loading → pre-cleaning → pickling → rinsing → high pressure washing → rinsing → surface adjustment → phosphating → high pressure washing → rinsing → saponification → drying → unloading


★ Strict emission standards

★ Ultra-low operating cost

★ Unique patented technology

★ Highly automated integration

★  Industry 4.0 design

★ Long-term operation

★ Quick response service

★ Simple and convenient maintenance

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★ Fully enclosed production
the production process is conducted in a closed tank, isolated from the outside world;The resulting acid mist is extracted from the tower and purified; Greatly reduce the pollution to the environment; Isolating the effects of the production on the operator's health;

★ Automatic operation
fully automatic operation can be chosen to produce continuously;High production efficiency, large output, especially suitable for large output, centralized production; Computer automatic control of process parameters, stable production process;

★ Significant economic benefit
automation control, stable process, large output, prominent efficiency and cost ratio;Less operators, low labor intensity; Good stability of the equipment, less vulnerable parts, very low maintenance;

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Contact Us

If you are interested in our pickling line, please provide the following information. The detailed data will provide you with a more accurate design and quotation.

1. Production time

2. Wire rod weight

3. Wire rod specifications (outer diameter, length, wire diameter, wire rod carbon content, wire rod shape)

4. Theoretical requirements for annual output

5. Process

6. Plant requirements (plant size, auxiliary facilities, protective measures, ground foundation)

7. Energy medium requirements (power supply, water supply, steam, compressed air, environment)

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